What are the best aspects in Astrology that determine a successful relationship

As I was browsing the net the other day, I came across a very interesting article on synastry. I don’t have too much knowledge on that part of astrology, as I normally use the services of a professional astrologer when I want to check my aspects with someone. However, this article caught my attention and made me do a bit of research on some of the most exciting aspects in astrology.

For me, the most important indicators in anyone’s chart are the Sun, the Moon, and the Ascendant. Therefore, the first thing to look out for is the Sun and Moon signs and how they relate to each other in your synastry chart. The best variant is the conjunction- sun_moonmeaning the Sun and Moon to be positioned in the same sign (between 0° and 3° of each other), especially if it’s the man’s Sun and the woman’s Moon. This is one of the aspects that also determines a successful marriage, so it’s really good if you have it with your partner or love interest. Trine (120° with up to 4° orb) and sextile (60° with an orb of up to 2°-3°) are also good, but the conjunction here is the most powerful. A good aspect between the Sun and the Ascendant and/or the Moon and the Ascendant are also very positive and give a long-lasting and very harmonious relationship.

The second most important aspect, in my opinion, is the Mars/Venus compatibility. Any of the major aspects here is quite positive- both the harmonious (conjunction, sextile, trine) and the challenging (square, opposition) ones. The conjunction or opposition give a lot of attraction and are an indicator of a very passionate relationship, especially if it’s the man’s Mars with the woman’s Venus sign. Here, I have to mention that the aspect between the two partners’ Venus’ as well as Mars’ signs is also important. A conjunction between your Venus signs is an indicator of a long-lasting and harmonious relationship, as both partners tend to express love and affection in the same way. A conjunction between your Mars signs is a very hot aspect as it gives a lot of passion and excellent sexual compatibility.

75d6a80d6048ebc2f57d07a9c887e132Any aspects between Venus and Pluto and Mars and Pluto make up for a very interesting relationship. Venus in any aspect (both harmonious and challenging) to Pluto indicates for very intense and deep feelings. In the case of Mars and Pluto, though, if the aspect is hard, this could add violence to the relationship. Similarly, an aspect between the Moon and Pluto and the Ascendant and Pluto brings on a lot of physical and emotional attraction as well as obsessiveness between the partners.

The ascendant in conjunction to Venus, Mars or Pluto, a conjunction between the Moon and Mars and between the Moon and Pluto are three aspects that indicate for a very passionate and sexual relationship that adds a pinch of psychological intensity to it.


Jupiter is the planet of luck! Any positive aspects between Jupiter and the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Venus or Mars brings a lot of harmony to the relationship. Any of those aspects involves a lot of (positive) energy exchange between the partners. For instance, Jupiter in conjunction to the Ascendant means you and your partner are natural friends. Mars in conjunction to Jupiter is a very lucky aspect and makes the couple very outgoing and positive and brings on friendly competition between the two partners. A positive aspect between Jupiter and the Sun or the Moon brings friendship along with the romantic relationship. The two partners are very supportive of each other and feel very lucky to be together.


Other quite positive aspects are any harmonious aspects between the Sun and Venus (especially the conjunction), which create a sense of harmony where the individuals find a lot to like in each other – and between Neptune and the Moon, where an intuitive communication and mutual understanding between the individuals is very common (e.g. saying the same words at the same time). Also, a positive aspect between the Ascendant and Mars gives a lot of mutual attraction to each other.

The above are just some of the best (in my opinion) aspects in a synastry chart, but they are also quite general. There are many other elements involved such as house positions, personal planets, asteroids etc. This article is to give you but a general idea if you and your partner or love interest have enough basis to build upon your relationship.

L.V. K. 

2 thoughts on “What are the best aspects in Astrology that determine a successful relationship

  1. My ex’s sun is the same sign as my moon – Sagi. His moon is also the same sign as my Ascendant & Venus – Gemini. His Aquarius mars also matches my Gemini venus. His Scorpio venus also matches my Pisces mars. We also have Venus-Mars trine (DW). We even have Venus-Saturn trine. But guess what? We clash like crazy! It was the most difficult relationship I ever had and I lost 5kg becos of him.

    We have Mars-Mercury square (DW) and Mars-Sun square. So I find that the Sun-Moon-Asc and Venus-Mars aspects are over-rated.


    • Hi and thanks for stopping by! Indeed the Sun-Moon-Ascendant and Venus-Mars aspects are not all there is in a relationship. It is much more complicated than that. But don’t forget those aspects don’t signify the length of the relationship, but rather a strong attraction that led to having that relationship in the first place. The Mars-Sun square you mentioned is a very bad aspect indeed and it signifies the clashes that you are talking about. But it’s nice to look back and be able to analyse what works and what doesn’t so that you learn from your experience. And this is precisely why I find astrology so fascinating.


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