We all have two lives. The second begins when you realize you only have one

I’m not too much into celebrities. I’m not one of those people who’d scream and jump and behave unnaturally when they see a famous person. I really don’t see what all the fuss is about (admit I stole that line from Loki in Thor: The Dark World). They are people like us and are no more special than any of us. Their job makes them popular and puts them in the public eye.

Especially people of art- actors and musicians above all- are exposed to the public most of the time. Being popular among audiences is a great privilege, but also, a huge responsibility. Famous people are role models whether they want it or not.

Nowadays, there’s this trend among young celebrities to provoke the public morally, mocking and devaluing principles, demonstrating ignorance about things that really matter. On the other hand, there are people, popular for their beliefs, careers, inventions and so on, who are charismatic and inspirational and who use their voice to bring change to the world. I dedicate this post to one such person.

Tom HiddlestonTom Hiddleston – image source: Markinternational.info

His name is Tom Hiddleston. Most of you would know him as Loki- Thor’s brother from the Thor movies. However, he’s much more than that. What I love about him is that he’s truly inspiring. I have to admit that like everyone else, I first noticed him in Thor (2011). But there was something about his performance that I really liked and found quite unique.

We all know Marvel movies are light and funny, made purely for the audience entertainment. They very much rely on special effects, epic costumes and make-up, but would not qualify for an Oscar nomination, if you know what I mean. Therefore, it is very difficult for a serious actor to really show their acting abilities in this type of movie. However, Tom Hiddleston did it. He created such an extraordinary character out of his Loki that everyone just fell in love with him.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Thor 3Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Thor: Ragnarök – image source: SlashFilm.com

After watching Thor, I took an interest in Tom Hiddleston and checked some of his interviews (my favourite is the one he gave for Popcorn Taxi). He is so educated (after all, he’s studied in Eton and Cambridge) and well-spoken, always so polite and exquisite in his manners- an epitome of a gentleman. Tom is a breath of fresh air.

What inspires me is his passion for the things he loves, his excitement and positivity. This is a person who is truly happy because he enjoys the little things in life. He’s so passionate about his craft and gets so excited when he talks about it. He calls acting a ‘dimensional anthropology’. And indeed, every character he plays is so human, so complex, so real. I was really happy when one of his best performances – the one of Jonathan Pyne in The Night Manager – was awarded a Golden Globe.

Tom Hiddleston ElleTom Hiddleston – Elle Photoshoot 2014

Another thing I love about Tom Hiddleston is the fact he’s so wise beyond his age. In all the interviews I’ve watched, he says something that is truly inspiring and motivational. Actually, when I’m feeling down, I tend to watch his interviews, because the way he speaks cheers me up and lifts my spirits. I’ve read a post by Martha Sorren some time ago, in which she describes his ability for motivational speech in a really good way – “not only are his words incredibly thoughtful and accurate, but they’re often phrased so elegantly that they seem to have been ripped from the stanzas of a particularly beautiful poem“.

The way he speaks and the meaning of what he says has a truly magical effect on people. As you can see from the title, my favourite quote of his is ‘We all have two lives. The second begins when you realize you only have one‘. Actually, it’s a Confucius quote, but I love the context in which Tom used it and the way he interpreted it. The idea he puts behind those words is that you shouldn’t waste any time. You should live to the fullest, follow your dreams, don’t dwell on negativity because life’s too short. By the time you realize you only have one, it might be too late.

Tom Hiddleston Evening Standard Photoshoot 2013Tom Hiddleston – Evening Standard Photoshoot 2013

We live in a world full of tragedies and pain. This same world is also full of beauty and happiness. It’s up to us to decide which one to focus on. And it’s up to us to choose the people who lead us to one or the other.

You never know what’s around the corner. It could be everything, or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you’ve climbed a mountain.

L. V. K.


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