The Plutonian Energy: Natal Pluto in the First House

In the Greek/Roman mythology, Pluto/Hades is the king of the underworld and god of the dead. As one can imagine based on this information, the planet Pluto has very strong and dark influence over us. His energy is rather mysterious and out of the ordinary; Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio.

Hades/Pluto and Persephone

Hades/Pluto and Persephone

Pluto is the slowest-moving planet in the Solar System. His energy influences entire generations. For instance, Pluto spent about 11-12 years in the sign of Scorpio from Nov 1983 to May 1983, then from Aug 1984 to Jan 1985 and again from April 1995 to Nov 1995. This is considered a home placement for Pluto, where he naturally expresses himself at his best. Those people born in the years of Pluto in Scorpio have Plutonian energy about them and are considered the Scorpio generation. However, depending on how he’s positioned in everyone’s individual birth chart, Pluto has bigger or lesser influence on one’s life.


Pluto in the First House gives a very noticeable and attractive but also mysterious and even dark personality to those individuals as the First House is the House of self. Free Spirited Mind gives an excellent explanation about it: “The First House signifies what someone IS. This means, that the body, the mind and the behaviour of the native are largely influenced by this house and any planet or mathematical point that is positioned inside it.” Therefore, here Pluto gives a very strong Plutonian energy to the individual, making them intense, dark and mysterious. Those people have very dominating and powerful eyes and a piercing gaze that cannot remain unnoticed. In his Astrology, Karma & Transformation book, Stephen Arroyo suggests that First House Pluto’s “cooperation at a deep personal level is so difficult for them that they often wind up lonely and, in some cases, even alienated from friends and family. If the Pluto energy is used creatively here, the person can exhibit powerful concentration, dedication to higher spiritual or social ideals, and a remarkable depth of insight into life’s deeper meanings.


Scorpio Nebula

Plutonians are very secretive people who like keeping their personal life extremely private. They like surrounding themselves with mysteries and love being viewed as mysterious people living in the shadows. Pluto people are loners- they love spending time with themselves, exploring deep levels of their subconscious or just thinking over highly existential problems. Plutonians are very emotional and they love and hate passionately. They wouldn’t mind being in the company of people they hate because this drives their negative emotions (emotions feed Plutonians and are a driving force in their life). What they hate though, is being in the company of people they don’t care for. Plutonians consider communication with those people as a waste of time and no matter how much they are trying to hide their indifference and annoyance, it just shows up on their faces. This might be why people with strong Plutonian energy (Pluto in 1st House, Scorpio Ascendant, Scorpio Moon, Scorpio Sun, Pluto-Sun aspects etc.) are considered arrogant and sometimes even unsociable.



No matter the negative features a Plutonian might have, they are undoubtedly interesting people. They never pass unnoticed, although they try to as they hate being in the centre of attention. People either like or dislike them, there is no middle ground. What Plutonians need to learn is to tame the destructive energy within them or at least make it work for not against them. After all, Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, meaning he kills one so that one can be born again stronger and wiser.

L. V. K.


14 thoughts on “The Plutonian Energy: Natal Pluto in the First House

  1. Thank you so much! After a long time without researching about astrology and after having visited all pluto sites on the 1st house in my native language, I’m here, still very curious. My ascendant is Scorpio and pluto in the first house. That would make me a plutonian!? Cuz Pluto really influences me a lot… tbh this positioning is very hard for me, I’m unbearable to myself, I cannot deal with most people and most people can’t deal with me, cuz … I end up hurting people with my cruel words.
    I’m totally self-destructive and death is something that attracts me a lot because of my obsessive thoughts. It makes me really sick and rude. Loneliness is where I find some comfort, it’s where I don’t need to deal with anyone and with that I don’t have to deal with me, perhaps that is why plutonians need to isolate themselves sometimes.

    And you how do you deal with your plutonian side?


    • Hi Daniel, thanks a lot for stopping by! Yes, you’re a Plutonian with Pluto in your First house and ascendant in Scorpio. As hard as it is, I quite like this placement cause it’s both a curse and a blessing. If you learn how to control that huge amount of energy, you could turn it into your benefit. Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth and Pluto is the ruler of the Underworld, so it’s quite normal that death is a big topic here. But so is life as for me, death and life are the two sides of the same coin. There isn’t death without life, and life without death.

      Pluto, much like Saturn, is a teacher. The area of life he affects is where we need to put the most effort in order to overcome the negative influence and turn it into a positive one. I don’t think any of Pluto’s placements is an easy one cause each area of life is important, so I wouldn’t say Pluto in the First is the most difficult.

      My advice to you is to keep exploring and analyzing yourself but don’t just focus on the negatives as there’s plenty of positives too 😊


    • I have the same placement… Scorpio Ascendant with Pluto 1st house, and Pluto conjunct my ascendant 1 degree away. I’m here wondering how I can turn this energy into a positive? Because I feel the same way as Daniel described. I’m trying to research info on how to transform this energy into a positive because I’m so drawn to automatically use it negatively, so over the years I’ve learned to just withdraw. OP do you have any advice on how transform this energy and how this placement is a karmic placement? I feel like in a past life I’ve used dark magic to get my way and part of my lesson this life is to learn how NOT to do that, and also receive the karma from when I harmed other people…

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  2. I have this placement conjunct a Scorpio ascendant as well. Much of what is said here resonates with me. I’d like to add a few things. I feel as though where ever Pluto is situated in a chart, brings a degree of obsession to that area of life. So with the first house being about your physical appearance, Pluto here can cause someone to obsess over how they look and how they come across to others. I speak from personal experience. I find there’s a sense of irony with some Pluto first house people since Pluto is a planet that represents depth and hates superficiality, yet many people with this placement can obsess over the shallowest of things. Since the first house is the most superficial house, having Pluto here makes for a really interesting and complex energy. Some other experiences I’ve had with this energy, Pluto here does give a strong ego however i have struggled with confidence issues all my life and can be very self conscious at times. When it comes to reactions from other people, extreme would be fairly accurate. You do get some good reactions from other people (more specifically the opposite sex :D) but from my experience most are negative, or at least perceived as negative. There is a lot more i could add…
    Lastly, i wouldn’t share this much information about myself to a stranger face to face, so if you’re wondering why I’m so open, anonymity would be why :)….

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    • This is spot on. I can’t stand shallow people or those who judge people based on their looks, but I do fixate on my own looks and flaws to an extreme level. I consider surgery often and I don’t even know why as I barely leave house lol. Pluto in 1st/scorpio rising with a bunch of virgo placements probably makes the seeking perfectionism obsession worst.

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  3. hahahah why do i get a feeling that only scorpio ascendants with pluto in the first house resonate much more with this information? i also have my north node in scorpio in the first house, sun-pluto aspect (trine) and lilith in the 8th house. Now that is a lot of scorpio energy. I cannot say much about not enjoying this energy, even though if you asked me the question three years back the answer would be the opposite. judging from my own experiences, my fellow plutonians, i believe your relationship with this powerful planet only gets better the moment you begin to embrace all the ups and downs it brings. As crazy as it may sound, i’ve learnt that personal remedy comes from longing for distraction, being hungry for chaos, craving darkness ( virtually in every sense of the word), rejoicing in every bad situation. The more your appreciate these qualities of pluto, the more power and depth you develope, and the more easier it becomes to work your magic. afterall pluto is here to reinvent what’s no longer working… so embrace change, and accept the fact that your life will never be the same again, because whatever pluto touches it leaves a permanent mark (change).

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    • Exactly! I have Pluto in the 1st in Scorpio too (Sun in the 8th on top of that), and my life improved fast and drastically once I just embraced it. Once I stopped feeling bad about secretly craving chaos and destruction, and about seemingly “bringing bad luck” by triggering latent issues in people and organizations by my mere presence. Pluto isn’t destructive because it’s evil, but because it’s healing and sometimes people (and institutions, let’s not forget them!) just need surgery, awake, with a white hot blade (Pluto don’t seem to care much for anesthesia, lol). I think that the craving for darkness and death that Plutonian people have is the reflection of that. Now, when I meet new people, I still think “I’m sorry for whatever might happen to you now that you met me”, but I double it with “may Pluto give you the strength to face it, and to make the best of it!”. Outwardly, I’m not doing anything differently and yet, everything changed! It almost magic, honestly. The amount of disasters and difficulties around me skyrocketed (I’m not only talking about the current state of the world), but the new people around me also tend have a much more Plutonian mindset that anyone else I met before, which helps me being more able to explore the wonderful healing aspect of this planet.

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  4. Hey fellow Plutonians!

    I am part of the Pluto in Sagittarius generation; souls born between 1995 – 2008. Pluto is conjunct my ascendant in the first house. In addition, Chiron is in conjunction to my ascendant in Scorpio where it is also in my 12th house.

    There is a lot of polarity in my character as Sag is an optimistic, jovial and expansive sign. Imagine it working together with dark, deep and mysterious and transformational Pluto. I often come across dark experiences in life, mainly those who try to test my power, but I am gradually learning to balance my power. With heavy Plutonian aspects, you do indeed exert a natural yet uncomfortable power to other as mentioned above, and it is definitely a challenge.

    I do obsess over things that have happened in my past, especially the deep, dark experiences. However, those experience are uses to help others transform as it is natural to experience the darker sides of life and humanity. Whether you believe it or not, you have tremendous power to transform people and yourself in profound ways. You are somewhat of the “world one man clean up crew” as I have heard from other astrologers.

    I am always open to discussing this placement – or any – with anyone interested!

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    • Hey DD!

      I am also part of pluto in the saggitarius generation with pluto in my first house. I am interested in discussing this placement more, is there anything else you can think of to add ?

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  5. Born 1962 and have Pluto in Virgo in my first house. This gives me the power to transform and adapt to any situation so well that I have been told that I become invisible. Also my rejuvenating ability is phenomenal. When people find out my age they are in shock. So I am very grateful to Pluto for bestowing such great gifts on such a mere mortal as myself. I don’t remember who said, “It is better to be feared than loved.” but I’m pretty sure they were a Plutonian.

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  6. Pluto in the first house is a true curse. I’ve never been able to make it work for me. I am hated wherever I go and have become a recluse now. I just can’t stand humanity any longer. So many times I have wanted to find an abyss to throw myself into. Unfortunately I also had a spontaneous kundalini awakenign which has pretty much crippled my life. The energy is stuck in my heart chakra and my chest and shoulders are constantly on fire. I live in hell basically. Yep really living the Plutonian dream. All I’ve ever wanted is to be left alone. All that’s ever happened is I’ve become the target of people’s avarice. I wouldn’t wish this placement on someone I hated. I can only imagine I ate babies or something in a past life.

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  7. I have both Pluto and Saturn in my First House so, yeah, life has been one broken roller coaster ride after another, and on top of that, I’m hated everywhere I go. Once I’ve even heard someone say, “I hate that F$%#&* guy.” as I strolled past him and down the hallway, minding my own business. Yes, personal relationships have always been hard as I either repel them or end up destroying them with my cruel (yet truthful) words. The only positive I’ve felt from having Pluto in First House is that I have a will of titanium (could also be my Sun conjunct Mars :D). If I want something, I will do everything I can to get it. And it doesn’t matter if it takes years (thank you, Saturn). Even if life has been dark, difficult, and even paralyzing in some ways, all these lessons have made me a person of integrity and truth. I am starting to embrace my past and looking back on it with pride.

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  8. this really resonated with me. I have quite a bit of scorpio energy in my chart as well. Venus,Mars,and pluto. thanks for all this. It brings a bit of peace seeing others comments

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