The 25th Frame- Fact or Fiction

We live in a modern world where we enjoy the freedom of choice- choosing our religion, the type of music we are listening to, the movies and TV shows we are watching, the food we eat, and so on. But do we really have that freedom or we just think we do? 


The truth is we are manipulated for most of the decisions we take in our lives. We are manipulated by politicians to elect them, by companies to buy their products, by advertisers and marketeers who sell us these products, etc. Even the decision of purchasing the toothpaste we normally do is a result of manipulation.

1436255_300One of the most brilliant and at the same time easiest methods of mass manipulation is the “25th frame effect“. The human eye, while watching a video, can perceive 24 frames per second. However, if a 25th frame is used it bypasses the mind and the information it contains goes directly to the subconscious. This information has not been seen by the person but has been saved by the brain and it comes out of the mind at some point as a hang-up or an idea. A similar concept is used in the movie Inception. However, the ideas there are installed into the subconscious through dreams. The effect of the 25th frame is similar to the effect of hypnosis. A wide number of countries have made its use illegal. Some psychologists even argue that a labile person could be induced to commit a murder.

The founder of the 25th frame is the American businessman James Waikerie. In 1957 he came up with the idea of a very interesting experiment. While showing movies in a New Jersey cinema, an additional projector was added, projecting extra frames every second, which contained two hidden advertising messages: “Drink Coca Cola” and “Eat popcorn“. The results after the experiment showed that the consumption of Coca Cola and popcorn in the cinema increased by 17%. Waikerie patented his invention and this brought him $38 million but suddenly in 1974, he gave up on his rights over it, without giving a concrete explanation.
Does the 25th frame really violate our right of free will or is it just another conspiracy theory? Some say the first to use its magic for mass hypnosis was Hitler himself. Some say it is all a myth and the “25th frame effect” does not exist. Where is the truth? Somewhere in between maybe. It’s for you to decide…

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