The Machinist 2004- Guilt Cuts Sharper Than Knife

Most of you must have heard about Christian Bale’s highly praised performance in The Machinist, for which he dropped his weight to 55kg (he’s 1.80m!), looking like he’s just stepped out of a concentration camp. The movie is as impressive as Bale’s performance, and does not leave you indifferent to the story. It is one of those psychological thrillers, which keep you in tension until the very end. If you enjoy films like Shutter Island and Fight Club, you’ll deffinitely love this one too.


The Machinist tells the story of Trevor Reznik, a young man who’s been suffering from insomnia for one year. As a result, he’s always tired, moody, unfocused and is so skinny that he resembles a corpse. One day at work, Trevor is distracted by his new colleague and makes a mistake, which leads to the mutilation of a co-worker he’s operating a machine with at that time. The incident throws Trevor in a world of chaos, self-haunting and guilt. He’s often experiencing deja vu which brings back painful memories. Strange occurances straight after the incident make Trevor grow suspicious of everyone around him, except for two women he maintains relationships with.


I love independent movies because the fact they have low budgets makes them focus on the acting rather than on special effects, rich decors, makeup and costumes and so on. The focus is simply on the art, which makes you get deeper into the story and feel the characters closer and more realistic. I feel some good actors love independent movies for the exact same reason. Christian Bale is an example of such actor who’s doing what he’s doing in the name of art and who’s ready to dive into great depths both physically and psychologically. Another example is River Phoenix in My Own Private Idaho. In order to prepare for his role of a drug-addicted street hustler, he became one, hanging out with real hustlers, using hard drugs and basically staying in character during the whole filming period and after. His dedication resulted in him giving the best performance in his career but this also cost him his life three years later.

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Method actors are extremely dedicated and devoted to roles they believe in. Sometimes a method actor could become so deeply attached to a role that they are never able to fully step out of it. This is a devotion in the name of art and such actors deserve respect and admiration. Such actors are no stars or celebrities, they are simply artists.

L. V. K.

Aventurine- The Most Adventurous Crystal Stone

A friend of mine had birthday recently and her folks bought her a pair of blue aventurine earrings and a necklace. As she knows about my passion for crystals and gem stones, she turned to me asking what aventurine is good for and how should she treat her stones. That was a good question as I have been interested in aventurine myself and researched it some time ago.


Aventurine is a form of quartz, which varies in colours- blue, green, brown, yellow, orange; but what differentiates it from all the rest are the shimmering sparkles that give it the glistening, very beautiful and unique looks. Not only is aventurine stunning, but is also a powerful stone to have around you. It is considered a stone of prosperity, which brings luck and success to its owner. Interesting fact about aventurine is that it protects against environmental pollution; it also protects against cell phone emanations. Another interesting quality of aventurine stone is that it helps you overcome addictions. If you are trying to give up smoking or you are addicted to some food you’d like to stop, keeping an aventurine stone in your pocket or under your pillow while you sleep might help.


Remember, before starting to use your healing crystal, you must clean it and charge it first. Cleaning a stone is very easy- just put it in a bowl of water (spring would be best) and wash it. Then brush it gently with a towel and put under direct sun or moon light for a few hours. There are a variety of cleansing and charging methods for your crystals, but I will talk more about it in another post.


In terms of its healing properties, aventurine is very good for your nervous system. It also balances the blood pressure and stimulates the metabolism. It has anti-inflammatory effect and eases skin eruptions and allergies. Blue aventurine in particular is a powerful mental healer.


Having aventurine in your home not only makes it more beautiful but also brings harmony and special energy. It is stunning in jewellery as well as for decoration of your house and is not expensive at all. If you want to get a crystal for yourself or for someone close to you, I would definitely recommend you aventurine (blue).

L. V. K.